Build On Your Lot

While we have new home communities throughout the Tri Cities, the Columbia Basin and  the Yakima Valley including Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, West Richland, Prosser, Sunnyside, Granger, Walla Walla and beyond, many clients come to us with a specific Building Site in mind. We specialize in build-on-your-site to give you a custom-built home at the perfect location for you and your family. 

Already own land? Just choose from one of our floor plans, work with our designers to make any changes and choose your features, and we'll be well on our way to getting you into your dream home. 

If you know you want to build on your site but don't actually have the land yet, our real estate experts can help you find a great piece of land that fits your preferred location and budget (we also have multiple pieces that we own that we keep available & ready to build). And because we know what kind of house you want to build, we can advise you throughout the process of finding and purchasing a lot. 

To build on your lot, we'll work with local Building Departments, Planning Departments, Public Works Departments, Water/Sewer Districts as well as investigate Well/Septic Feasability to ensure that all of the details are worked out prior to breaking ground and throughout the home building process. 

The Process

Step #1

Choose the Property.
We can build on your land/lot, one of our lots or acreage, or find a property of your choice that works for you and purchase it for your new home.

At any given time we typically have around 20 or more building lots or acreage sites that we own or have control of for our buyers to choose from.

Step #2

Once we’ve narrowed down the potential build site we’ll go right to work performing a Feasibility Study and putting together the Site Development costs.

During this time you are settling on your House Plan and narrowing down your desired features.

Step #3

We then prepare the total cost to build your chosen plan  (stock, modified or custom) on the chosen property and work through a way to fit into your budget – remember, we’re INNOVATIVE.

"There’s always a way to bring your dreams to reality"

Step #4

BUILD THE DREAM. We have a saying among our employees that goes like this,

“While some people dream of success, others wake up and work hard for it”.

So, that’s what we do, we wake up and work hard to build your dream.

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